Empowering Parents to Empower their Daughters!

We want our daughters to become confident, empowered adults. But this can be hard– especially if your daughter has a physical disability. We are here to support you.
Our online community provides educational videos for you and your daughter! Your daughter will learn about her body and mind and hear tips from women with disabilities. We also have videos for you! Learn tips and insights from health care providers and other parents like you.
Talking to Your Daughter about “The Birds & the Bees” & Body Positivity – Part 1
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The videos for adolescents (“learners”) are divided by developmental stage. Choose the best curriculum for your daughter based on her developmental stage. Think of another topic she needs? Take a look at our video categories to find individual videos that meet your needs.

Each video has discussion points for you and your daughter to talk further. We provide facts, YOU provide your family’s values or preferences.

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Talking to Your Daughter about “The Birds & the Bees” & Body Positivity – Part 2
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